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Get value for every plastic, paper, carton, can or metal wastes you generate in your space

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How It Works:

Go from trash to cash in these easy steps

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  • Sort your waste at home
  • Request Pickup
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  • Earn Points
  • Redeem Points

What we collect

Amazing Rewards for Recycling

See top ways thousands of households are redeeming their Recycling Points

Health Insurance

Subscribe for a quarterly basic health insurance plan with points earned from recycling with Ecobarter

Ecofriendly Products

Shop a variety of low-waste products on the ecobarter marketplace with your recycling points as a currency


Withdraw your recycling points as cash directly into your bank account from the Ecobarter app

Donation to Charity

Donate to any Ecobarter featured charity or social cause by transferring your recycling points on the Ecobarter app

Join 10,000+ Households

who use the ecobarter platform across our community drop off hubs, doorstep and other recovery schemes

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