Transform how your Household Business School Estate Park consume and manage wastes

Join our community of 5,000+ to remove wastes from the environment and transform into wealth

Recycling Programs

Identify a recycling program that best suits you and get started for free

Doorstep Pickups

Request pickup via the mobile app and we will pickup from your doorstep on scheduled days free of charge

for households

Community Hubs

Locate the nearest community hub to drop off your recyclable wastes and earn points all the same

for households, vendors

School Recycling

Get a bins installed in your school for parents to drop off their wastes as donations for the school

for schools

Drop-off Bins

We install fancy bins in semi-public premises for people to drop-off their recyclable wastes and routinely evacuate

for schools, parks, malls, plazas

Empowerment Programs

Beyond collecting wastes, we enable communities leverage wastes for growth

Transforming Wastes into Resources

We support vulnerable women with skills and resources to transform otherwise wastes into new products to build back their lives better

Waste Pickers Empowerment

We are supporting hundreds of disenfranchised informal waste pickers with personal protective equipment, literacy development, improved work tools and facilitating access to identification, financial and social services. Our goal is to revolutionalize last-mile waste recovery in Nigeria.

Our goal is to revolutionalise last-mile waste recovery in Nigeria.

We are open to partnerships

We have solutions to help you incorporate a sustainable recycling program and/or shift to eco-friendly alternatives to avoid wastes all together. Our model is consumer-focused and designed to be scalable, socially and environmentally sound

Engage your customers and community by launching a recycling program. 

For consumer goods brands, we run programs that allow your consumers return their packaging wastes for rewards while ecobarter powers the recovery.

For offices and facilities, we offer monthly recycling pickups and provide waste diversion reports for your business communications

We create functional and marketable products from different post-production and post-consumer waste materials. 

We do this in a way that facilitates decent income for local community women.

For individuals and businesses, we have a perfectly curated marketplace for ecofriendly products only. From paper and other compostable packaging products from businesses to bamboo, wheat straw and metal products for households.  We also curate eco-friendly gifts for all occasions. 

You can eliminate a substantial percent of your wastes by shopping only ecofriendly products

Browse the ecobarter marketplace

As your corporate social responsibility or simply a way of giving back, you can sponsor any of ecobarter’s empowerment program for internally displaced women or informal waste pickers


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