Use your waste Plastics Papers Cartons Metals Beverage Cans as a currency with us.

Earn points every time you recycle with us to redeem either as cash, health insurance, use on the ecobarter marketplace or donate to a charity




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KG Wastes collected


CO2 emissions avoided

How does it work?

1. Create Account

Download the Ecobarter app on play store 

2. Request Pickup

Sort your wastes & request doorstep pick up anytime

3. Earn Points

Earn points everytime we pick up from you

4. Redeem Points

Withdraw, transfer, donate or shop with your points

We collect

Rewards for Recycling

Health Insurance

Subscribe for a quarterly basic health insurance plan with points earned from recycling with Ecobarter

Ecofriendly Products

Shop a variety of low-waste products on the ecobarter marketplace with your recycling points as a currency


Withdraw your recycling points as cash directly into your bank account from the Ecobarter app

Donation to Charity

Donate to any Ecobarter featured charity or social cause by transferring your recycling points on the Ecobarter app

Shop Eco-friendly Alternatives to your everyday products

Reduce your wastes altogether by shopping eco-friendly products for your home, office or business. What’s more? You can shop with cash and points earned from recycling with Ecobarter

Join 5,000+ Households

who are transforming the way they consume and manage wastes with ecobarter

Frequently Asked Questions

Ecobarter is a waste solution company based in Nigeria. We provide waste management solutions through recycling and offering waste free alternatives via our Eco Shop.

You can recycle by first signing up, have a recycling pile and then request for pickup, we would take it up from there.

You can sign up by using this link

When you request for pickup, a pick up calendar would be assigned to you. Pickup date would not be later than 2 weeks after you’ve signed up.

We collect plastic bottles, hard plastics (broken chairs, pipes, broken plates, tanks), shrink wraps, pure water sachets, nylon bags, metals, aluminium cans and office/printed PAPERS.

For households, we give points for every kilogram weight of wastes that we collect. These points can then be redeemed as cash into your bank account, used to shop on the Ecobarter marketplace or donated to featured social causes/charities.

However, if you have more than 500kg of wastes, we will buy it from you as a vendor.


Yes, We have 8 community hubs within Abuja and they include,

Apo 09019306728

Garki International Market 07044171043

Kuje Stadium 08061290346

Utako Market 09031335169

Lake View Homes 07085290668

Sunnyvale Estate 08062818984

Currently 1 Ecobarter point is worth 20 Naira. However, the value varies based on recycling market prices.

By recycling with us you can easily reduce your wastes by 50% and help keep our environment cleaner. Points earned can be converted into cash to support your regular earnings. You can also use your points to subscribe for basic services like health insurance or discounts for eco-friendly products on the Ecobarter Marketplace.

The Ecobarter shop is a part of Ecobarter focused on helping individuals reduce wastes in the 1st place. Points earned from recycling can also be used to shop of the Ecobarter shop.

Delivery fee applies to all orders on the Ecobarter shop

We have a return policy for orders made on the Ecobarter shop. {Insert link to return policy page}

Kindly send an email to within 3 days of receiving your order

Yes, you can. We use the Paystack payment gateway and you can pay with card, bank transfer or USSD.


Yes, you can shop with your recyclables points earned.

On your Ecobarter dashboard, go to withdraw cash, collect the relevant boxes, input your account details, points to be withdrawn etc. once you submit a request, the accounts team will receive, confirm and process your disbursement. Payments will be sent into your preferred bank account within 24hours.

You can always check “Wallets” on your Ecobarter dashboard, either via the Mobile app or web app.

Points are automatically added once the weight picked up from you is recorded.

We will share a monthly pickup calendar to see when we will be coming to your area for pick up. We will also send routine reminders on Wednesdays & Fridays via email.

We currently only offer the doorstep pick up in Abuja.


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