Ecobarter at the African Climate Summit in Kenya

African Climate Summit Week

Climate summit is a needed forum to discuss new climate actions strategies and nature based solutions. In September 2023, the Ecobarter platform was showcased at the Africa Union’s climate innovation hub alongside other great innovators. 

The African Climate Week and Summit which was held in Nairobi, Kenya September 2023 marked a huge milestone. The summit is an annual event that brings together leaders from governments, businesses, international organizations and civil society to explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), while adapting to the mounting fallout from the climate crisis. 

The Eastafrican Media beautifully captures the Ecobarter story. Here’s what the Founder of Ecobarter had to say;

“the innovation is incentivising locals to responsibly manage garbage, which “addresses the problem of indiscriminate waste disposal, something that makes us extremely vulnerable to urban flooding”.

It’s always awesome discussing ways to reduce waste in our environment and also interacting with other sustainable change makers. Click to learn more on how we are transforming the idea of wastes.

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