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Climate change is here, another reminder to go green. it rains historically on dry days and we are experiencing unprecedented heat across our cities. As climate change occurs, Nigerian cities are at an increased risk of extreme weather events such as flooding, pests and diseases, droughts, food shortages amongst other persisting social, economic and environmental challenges.

To worsen our vulnerability to these climate risks, drainage well designed to process water from rainfall and prevent flooding are clogged by everyday waste materials due to the prominence of indiscriminate waste management practices

However, the way we currently manage our wastes in Nigeria contributes 15% to our greenhouse gas emissions and does a double take of reducing our capacity to quickly adapt in the face of flooding- which is a major climate risk we are vulnerable to. 90% of the wastes being burnt either on the streets, open dumps or left in the drainages, exposes us to diseases and public health degradation. 

With more intense rainfall expected across the country and a heightened risk of flooding, it has become paramount that we do our part to prepare for these risks to prevent displacement, loss of properties and lives.

As a solution, Ecobarter is launching the Go Green campaign across three flood prone states in Nigeria- Lagos, Benue and Abuja. This is a community sensitization campaign that will run both online and offline from March 20, 2023 to November 18, 2023.

The goal of the campaign is to increase the awareness on climate change and climate adaption solutions such as sustainable waste management and enable communities take action to keep their streets/drainages unclogged, free of waste materials. 

Key activities will include interaction/engaging the community residents and volunteers, launching Go Green Pledge cards, launching challenges and creating climate education contents.

We are excited about the Go Green Campaign and we look forward to engaging thousands of households across Nigeria. We invite you to join this campaign and take a pledge to Go Green with Ecobarter.

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