How Recycling Benefits Your Business

Recycling is simply converting waste materials into raw materials for new products. Glass, paper, and plastics are examples of items that can be recycled.

There are several reasons why recycling is important.
1. It helps to reduce the waste needed to be handled and hence pollution
2. Lessens the effect of greenhouse gases, as most of our waste still gets burnt, and
3. Preserves our virgin resources.

But aside from environmental benefits, how can recycling positively impact your business?
In business, there are core areas that are very important in ensuring that it runs effectively and
we will be breaking down how recycling culture can help with some of these core areas.


Improved Productivity & Retention

Recycling helps your business in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction. Not only will consumers feel better about working with a company that cares about the environment, but so will your employees.
If your employees are already recycling at home, they will appreciate working for a company with shared values; while those who do not already recycle may be encouraged to start. Choosing to recycle in the workplace can help improve the attitude of your employees, as they will realize that you care about more than just the profit margin. Working towards environmental sustainability with this little but impactful scheme can be the reason why a top talent stays with your organization.

Reduced Wastage

Instituting a culture of recycling within your organization, means lesser and lesser office resources will be consumed and overhead costs will reduce in the long term. Recycling by-products of your operations can also open up new income streams for your business. Imagine poultry dumps being sold off to fish farmers, or sawdust being sold to briquette makers, Fruit peels are useful for organic soap markers. The gist here is that you can always find a new life for your waste and earn some income from that. While this income might not be large, it will cater to one or two business expenses and help maximize profits.


Customer Acquisition

The emergence of the climate crisis has increased the urgency for everyone to be environmentally conscious. As more devastating effects of climate change are felt on the planet, consumers are getting more concerned about the environment, and buying decision is not only fueled by price but also by the environmental impact of the business or product.

Your decision to recycle is a good way to build a reputation with your customers, as they will be happy to know that your company cares about the environment. Depending on the type of business you operate, you could even encourage customers to get involved in your recycling efforts. Adidas, for example, implemented a program where consumers can drop off old shoes and clothing (from any brand), after which the items are sorted, and then recycled. Programs such as this are not only a good way to engage existing customers, but can also attract new ones.

Stakeholder Trust

Like customers, other stakeholders especially investors and local hosts are placing premium attention on your business impact, beyond profits.

How a business impacts its people and the planet is becoming more important than the profit it records, simply because climate change has the potential to drive millions back into poverty and rid the world of developmental gains.

Businesses that care about the environment and as little as recycling are better positioned to receive capital investments and public trust.

Recycling helps drive prosperity as much as it helps protect the planet.
You should get involved by enrolling in Ecobarter’s corporate environmental responsibility program

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