Save those Soap Scraps

Did you know left over soap scraps can be remolded into new ones or turned into liquid soap? Well great news, I’m going to give you step by step procedures on how to make new bars from soap scraps and subsequently steps on how to turn them into liquid soap.

This would help you get more out of your money and save you when you abruptly run out of soap.

Here what you need:

  • Soap scraps
  • Water
  • Small pan for heating
  • Small glass or metal soap bowl to mold


Break the soap scraps into smaller pieces (you can as well grate them if you have the time). Place the broken ones in the small pan and add water enough to be visible at the level were the soap scraps are.


Place the pan on low heat, let it simmer for a few minutes (the goal here is to get them soft enough that they begin to stick together) stir occasionally.


When the mixture is soft enough pour into a steel sieve to allow excess water drip.


Grease your metal or glass soap mold (greasing makes it easier to extract the soap bars afterwards) stuff the small bowl with the warm matter. Repeat into as many bowls as needed.


Place the stuffed bowls in the refrigerator overnight to cool and solidify. Finally use a knife or any object of your choice to pull out the cooled soap bar from the mold bowl.

Hope you find this helpful? Check here for more eco-conscious tips.

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