Environmental Impact of EveryDay Waste Materials

The environment is ours to keep and our everyday waste materials pose a great threat to it. These wastes comprises of the excess materials generated by human activities that are disposed in inappropriate or uncontrolled ways.

Every year globally, humans improperly dispose 2.12 billions tons of wastes. These wastes ends up in the landfills, drainage and some are littered around our environment.

This wastes has a massive environmental implication as methane gas is released as these waste decomposes, which is a leading contributor to climate change.

Our everyday waste materials from plastics, papers, cartons, metals, textiles, glass, cans, does so much harm to the environment from production stage to consumption and final disposal, which takes weeks, months and years to happen.

Preventing the creation of waste is one of the best ways to protect our environment and help reduce the impact environmental activities and slow down climate change.

It’s actually easier to prevent wastes from pilling up in our environment. But before this can be achieved, we need to understand the types of waste we produces from our households, office, shopping centres, production company etc. 

We need to find ways to reuse items, reduce consumption of items, and recycle waste items. Also, it‘s important we take collective steps towards reducing environmental impacts of our every day materials.

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