3 Things You Can Do To Reduce Food Waste In Your Home

A young woman showing the importance of recycling and why we all need to actively recycle.

It’s common practice in our homes to dispose of food waste immediately into dust bins particularly “food waste” which are heading for the waste dump; oblivious to the fact that we indirectly contribute to the generation of methane gas as these wastes deteriorate in landfills.

Methane gases are a type of greenhouse gas that traps heat that later warms the atmosphere like carbon dioxide leading to issues like global warming.

Now that we know the adverse effect of discarding all of our home waste, you’ll agree with me that resorting to a sustainable waste disposal alternative could be to find ways to put them to better use in ways that would benefit us and the environment.

Here are a few simple and easy-to-do alternatives to discarding our food waste below;


Have you ever heard of composts and the mention of it takes your mind back to one of those complex practical’s back in Agricultural science classes in High school? You’re not alone then. It’ll however surprise you that making compost out of your kitchen food waste could be as easy as making  a cup of tea.

With a small space in your kitchen to put a bowl where you’ll put the food waste, some newspapers to drop in the bowl from time to time, small sand and food waste. Just by adding some dry materials like newspapers and dried leaves to the food waste as often as possible, you could make enough compost to help your small backyard garden grow more healthy vegetables.

Natural DIY Skin Care products

Nothing beats homemade products, and homemade skin care products are not an exception. Thanks to the unique nature of fruits, you can make a lot of products that could help improve the quality of your skin and hair from fruits like bananas, avocados, and citrus, which would usually go to the bin if they haven’t been consumed long after purchasing. These products besides being a waste-free solution would also help you look better and keep the environment clean.

Start a small backyard garden.

We all have had moments when we walk into the food store after leaving home on a trip for a long time only to discover to our amazement that the yam tuber, the onion by the window etc have started growing. This could be a cue to start a small backyard garden. This won’t only help get more use of our never-ending food waste, but it’s an eco-friendly step in the right direction. It will also be a great source of healthier food for our family considering the increase in unhealthy chemical-grown foodstuff. Plus, you can get easy access to fertilizer from the compost you already started from your waste!

Click here to find out more tips on how to reduce your household waste.

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