How To Have A Waste Free Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And this is one of the few seasons in the year when we’re tempted to want to ”live a little” and let our guard down on the eco-friendly habits we developed and sustained through the year.
With single-use plastics everywhere, and plastic soft drink bottles calling our attention here and there, this season comes a record increase in waste generation.

Here are some effortless ways to have a waste-free Christmas celebration;

Reduce the use of single-use plastic products.

We know that during this period it’s quite cheap and obviously economical to get disposable food packs at the stores but one thing we forget while in the mood of celebration is the rate at which these single-use plastics quickly become waste products after they’ve been used to serve small chops. Alternatively, by using washable glass plates, we reduce the quantity of waste we generate considerably.

Bring your own bag to the market

During this period, shopping is at its peak and you might be making one too many trips to the market with lists that are unending. This means more unwanted packaging and polythene bags for you to come home with. An easy way to rid yourself of excess polythene bags in your home is to reuse them. Instead of clogging up that kitchen cabinet under the sink with your polythene bags (yes, you know the cabinet we’re talking about), keeping them in use is the only way to reduce them from piling up in your cabinet.

Don’t throw away your left-over food

What’s Christmas without food? We cook, eat and make merry but what happens to the leftovers?
Food waste is the most prevalent during the Christmas holiday. There are many ways to deal with leftover food in order to reduce waste. You can either choose to share them with friends and family or even with your neighbors. After all, Christmas is a time to share with your loved ones!

Focus on ethical and sustainable gift shopping

This is for gift shoppers and gift lovers. We urge that you look into buying more sustainable gifts for your loved ones. Think about it this way, wouldn’t you love to ensure that the gift you got for your friends and family is helping sustain the environment?
Also, thinking sustainably while gift shopping makes room for you to be intentional and thoughtful with your gifts. Click here to know more about sustainable gift ideas.

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